Welcome to our New York City Fashion Week rental page.  Here you will find everything you need to know about renting supplies from Street Team Studios for your show.  Please do NOT call/email us until you have thoroughly read everything.


We are making some changes for Fashion Weeks in 2024/2025 and beyond.  We will no longer be delivering, setting-up, breaking-down, or picking-up orders.  All orders will need to be picked-up/returned to our shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn: https://streetteamstudios.com/location/

Pick-Ups & Returns happen M-F / 9A-5P.  Customers can pick-up the business day before their event and return the following business day.  The rental price covers the pick-up & return dates.


If needed Edge Auto is very close to us, and they have a huge selection of vehicles for rent: https://www.edgeautorental.com/

AND we have a FREE NYC PA Resource on our website if you do not already have favorite NYC PA’s to hire: https://streetteamstudios.com/production-assistants/

We recommend you book your vehicle(s) & PA(s) well in advance as NYFW is a very busy time for vendors & crew in NYC.


You will also want to place your rental order with us well in advance too.  We sell out of many items during NYFW – Here is a link to our NYFW Show Order Form


We do NOT hold gear without a completed Credit Card Authorization/Agreement.  You will need to complete the rental account paperwork via this link: https://streetteamstudios.com/cc-auth/

We will authorize your CC for the full rental 48 hours prior to your pick-up + an additional $1000 security deposit to cover any loss -or- damage sustained during your rental.  Any cancellation within 72 hours of your pick-up will result in a 20% restock fee of the total quote.


Below are photos & dimensions (approx.) of all the mirrors we rent and the total number available in our inventory:

***NOTE: We can send you “How To” videos for your team to learn/see how to set them up!

***NOTE: It is strongly recommended you rent/use a power strip (surge protector) for our lighted mirrors, any electrical damage will result in a total loss = you will be charged the full replacement value.