It all started with a box fan… Street Team was born out of a need to solve problems. So, we bought a fan, and a lot more equipment soon came after. At the time Street Team began in 2017 it was puzzling why no one combined Walkies/WiFi and Production Supplies into one-stop. If making multiple stops wasn’t bad enough our trucks were spending far too much time at pick-up and return. Moreover, equipment from existing companies (like a box fan) would sometimes be given out broken or not functional. We aren’t perfect, but our promise to you is that we will strive for excellence and that means:

– We will test equipment for functionality before your pick-up.
– We will triple check that your order is accurate before it goes out and at return.

– We will help get your orders in and out fast, optimizing your time.

Now after 5 years in business we are excited to announce in 2022 we moved to 502 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY to a warehouse triple the size so we can increase or stock and diversify our inventory. Plus, we continue to eliminate stops for you with the additions of:

– G&E Expendables
– Camera Expendables
– Crafty & Beverages

We fundamentally believe this isn’t just a rental company…This is a relationship company. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!



Jason and Collin