Beauty Mirror Rentals NYC

Looking for a hair and makeup mirror rentals? Street Team Studios in Brooklyn has a variety of vanity rentals including two types of tabletop makeup mirrors. Black Tabletop HMU Mirror w/ Lights & Case, and our Classic White Hollywood Mirrors.


The Hair & Makeup Mirror w/ Case comes in a black and is compact with wheels & carrying handle, allowing for easy transport and protection = Great for location shoots. The bottom of the case can hold brushes, makeup, hair products, etc. The LED lights on this mirror are dimmable with the use of the knob on the front.  There is also a built-in power outlet for your artist.


The Hollywood Mirrors are white and do NOT come with a case, but we can wrap them in furniture blankets at no extra charge to aid in protection. The LED lights around the Hollywood mirror are dimmable, allowing for flexibility with your set-up. There are USB ports and power outlets along the side of the mirror, permitting you to plug in hair curlers, hair straighteners, hair dryers and other glam equipment.

NOTE: Hollywood Mirrors are reserved for Stages/Studios, longer rentals at the same/one location, or deliveries.


Both mirrors come with dimmable LED bulbs. Get camera and show ready with STS!


Contact Street Team Studios at or call 917-790-3100 to book your mirrors today.