Craft Services NYC

In need of Craft Services and beverages in NYC? Look no further! Purchase crafty and drinks at Street Team Studios for feature films, television, live broadcasts, commercials, music videos, corporate events, advertising, and special events. Street Team Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a production supply and walkie rental company that sells beverages and crafty, so you can save time and money picking up your rentals and snacks at the same location.


Street Team has a variety of beverages available, stocking essentials such as water bottles, seltzer, flavored seltzer, water dispensers and water jugs for keeping your crew hydrated on set. We have coffee makers, canned coffee beverages, espresso machines, Red Bull, and other energy drinks for maintaining the momentum and energy of your crew on long shoot days. And of course, we stock several sodas and flavored beverages such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, and Gatorade.


Complete your set up by purchasing a Crafty Basket, a reliable craft services package to aid in your shoot day going smoothly. Each basket serves 10 to 12 people on a long shoot day, filled with snacks such as granola, chips, crackers, cookies, fruit bars, beef jerky, fruit snacks, mints, and more. Just pick-up some fresh fruits on the side and you have an economical crafty set-up. All Crafty Baskets come with options for a variety of diets and dietary restrictions such as keto, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and vegan to ensure everyone on your team is taken care of. Take a closer look on our YouTube channel:

Call: 917-790-3100