Craft Services on a Budget

How do you do Craft Services on a budget in NYC? Easy! – You order Crafty Baskets from Street Team Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Step 1: Calculate the total number of people you expect.

Step 2: Order one basket for every 10-12 people per day. For example, 35 people on a 1-day shoot = 3 total baskets.

Step 3: Email STS your order:

Step 4: Pick-up your basket(s) from our location in Greenpoint Brooklyn @ 502 Morgan Avenue, BK NY 11222

Step 5: Set your basket on a table for everyone to enjoy!

Done & Done

Bonus Tip:
Enhance your set-up by buying fresh fruit like bananas & oranges. Selecting fruit that has a peel saves you time as you don’t need to wash them. Adding fresh fruit next to one of our crafty baskets is a wonderful way to elevate your crafty set-up.

Visit our YouTube channel to see video footage of our crafty baskets