Gaff Tape aka Gaffers Tape NYC


Gaff Tape, or Gaffers Tape, is a pressure-sensitive, strong adhesive, tensile tape made of a heavy cotton cloth. The composition of gaff tape is ideal for lighting scenarios as it is more resistant to heat, more easily removed without damaging surfaces, and has a matte finish to eliminate light reflection. Because gaff tape is ideal when handling the heat of lights, it is widely used in theater, photography, film, and television.


The name “Gaffers Tape” comes from the word “gaffer,” which is the chief lighting technician on a film crew. The lighting technician often tapes down cables and other supplies utilizing this heat resistant, removable tape.


To properly apply gaff tape, make sure to stick the adhesive side of the cloth tape to a clean surface to ensure tape longevity. Some common applications for gaff tape are: securing cables to a surface, attaching fixtures or props, salvaging a broken piece of production equipment, establishing a floor layout, and labeling equipment.


Although they are similar, gaff tape varies from duct tape as gaff is more easily removed. Duct tape tends to leave behind adhesive residue when peeled or removed, it is more useful for permanence. Gaff tape is designed to be removed cleanly and with ease, perfect for temporary fixes or attachments.


Gaff tape is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the most popular being 2” Black Gaff and 2” White Gaff. Although, gaff tape is available in almost any color and in a variety of sizes, such as: 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4”.


Gaffer tape is an effective mechanism for film/television productions and theatrical productions. This water-resistant, heat-resistant, removable, cloth adhesive is a lighting technicians’ most reliable tool.


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