Joes Sticky Stuff NYC

Joe’s Sticky Stuff NYC


Looking for Joes Sticky Stuff in NYC? Joes Sticky Stuff is available for purchase at Street Team Studios in Brooklyn, New York. This aggressive, pressure sensitive, adhesive tape leaves behind no residue, is easy to use, and simple to remove. Joes Sticky Stuff is a film tool everyone in the Locations & Art departments needs to add to their kit.


This strong adhesive tape was created to ensure that while on a Hollywood location set, objects could be hung temporarily and removed with ease, leaving the space just as it was found. This clean removal tape is perfect for any film set.


Foam tape, blue tack, and butyl tapes may leave behind a residue, luckily Joes Sticky Stuff has created a formula that is strong, effective, and easily removed. Mount items, preset trim and molding, hold down carpets, and so much more with Joes Sticky Stuff.


Phone: 917.790.3100


Pick-Up: 502 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (M-F / 9A-5P)