Pay Per Use Expendables NYC

Pay Per Use Expendables NYC

Pay Per Use Expendables NYC


Street Team Studios has expendables available for purchase -or- pay-per-use.  Items such as gels, tapes, ties, electric supplies, board, card, fabrics, camera expendables, sound expendables, and more are available.


We have a massive inventory of color correct gels, diffusions, and scrims.  Along with this, we have specialty rolls for all creative needs like color gels, party gel kits, and silver/gold reflectors.  We have a variety of tapes such as gaff tape, paper tape, electrical tape, location tape, duct tape, small core tape, microgaffer tape, double sided tape, masking tape, painters tape, and plenty of others.  We have sash rope, trick line, twisted manila rope, ratchet straps, zip ties, mason line, bailing wire, and bungee cords.  Street Team Studios has a huge selection of boards and cards. Showcard, foam core, B-board, studio V-flats, mirror board, and more.  Our inventory has every essential fabric for a production such as duvetyne, commando cloth, muslin, chroma green/blue fabrics, SuperBouce, Halo Silk, Magic CineCloth, Black Bobbinet, Black Ripstop, and Camouflage Netting.


Previously, expendables were only pay-per-use in conjunction with a rental order, starting in 2024 expendables can always be pay-per-use, but the restocking fee is greater if your expendables order is not in conjunction with a rental order.


Here is our new expendable pay-per-use policy: paper products & light bulbs are NEVER Pay-Per-Use.  In conjunction with a rental order there is a $1.00 restocking fee for most expendables except fabrics and rolls of gels/diffusion/scrim outside of the 36 rolls included in the gel kit, which have a $5.00 restocking fee.  Any new item opened, partially used, or unsellable as new is a full purchase.  Expendables on their own without a Production Supply and/or Walkie/WiFi rental order attached have restock fees that are double: $2.00 restock fee for most items, except fabrics and rolls of gels/diffusion/scrim which will have a $10.00 restock fee for zero use.


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