Production Slang

Comms & Pro Supplies NYC

Production Slang

Today’s post (just like the title) is about Production Slang!

Yes, what Street Team Studios does is Comms & Pro Supplies – Production Supplies & Walkie & WiFi Rentals.

Here are some other film slang words to be aware of it your new to a film set:


C47 – a clothespin (Note: We sell these along with a full line of G&E Expendables)

Crafty – craft services area and/or person (Note: We sell Crafty Baskets along with a full line of beverages)

Furnie Blanket – a furniture blanket or sound blanket (Note: We rent these along with a full line of protection rentals & products)

Stinger – an extension cord (Note: We have these along with our full line of Production Supply rentals.

Putt-Putt – a smaller suitcase style generator. (Note: We rent a Yamaha 1800-2000w generator)

Grenade – a smaller, usually 5” spool of stretch wrap. (Note: We sell these along with the bigger brother 20” version)

Point Covers – these are pre-cut tennis balls to put on the points/feet of stands for protection. (Note: We rent these and sell 3pk tennis balls)

Comms – shortened for communication devices like walkies & radios (Note: We rent the Motorola CP200d walkie talkie & WiFi / MiFi’s)

Pro Supplies – shortened for production supplies (Note: Street Team Studios is YOUR one-stop-shop for all you production supply & two way radio rentals)


Also, if you are a new Production Assistant to New York City mastering all this slang, please email us to join our FREE PA Nation roster matching up active PA’s to Line Producers, Production Managers, and Production Coordinators – check it out here:

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