Skudo Board

Skudo Board is now available at Street Team Studios in Brooklyn, New York!

Street Team Studios now offers rental protective flooring as an alternative to a Ram Board and layout cardboard purchases. This reusable form of protection, Skudo Board, is a heavy duty, synthetic, rigid board that provides superior protection. This eco-friendly alternative to paper products is perfect for your locations department to cover and protect your surfaces. Skudo Board is water resistant, fire retardant, high impact resistant, light weight, and has a fabric felt back to ensure the safety of your floors.

The installation process is simple, layout the boards with the soft felt side downward and tape the seams together with 2” Gorilla Tape. Once finished with your production, unpeel the tape and pack up the boards to be reused for future productions = less trash in the dumpster!

Dimensions of Skudo Board: 4ft x 8ft & 5mm (1/4in) thick

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