Walkie Talkie Lingo

Walkie Talkie Lingo Tutorial

Walkie Talkie Lingo

Street Team’s Motorola CP200d portable two-way radios are a staple on any film set (or event) because they save valuable time and money. Over the decades walkie talkie lingo has help maximize productivity. Here’s a list of the most commonly used shortcuts:

• 10-1 – “I need to go the bathroom” (number 1)

• 10-2 – “I need to go the bathroom” (number 2)

• 10-4 – “I understood the message”

• 20 – Location; as in, “What’s your 20?”

• Copy – “I heard and understood the message”

• Go Again – “I did not understand the message, please repeat”.  You can also say “come back on that”.

• Eyes on… – When someone or something is spotted; as in, “I’ve got eyes on Spielberg” or “Does anyone have eyes on my lunch box?”

• Lock it Up – “Don’t let anyone through”.  This is usually an instruction to a PA who was told of a door or area they must block.

• Flying in – When someone or something is en route; as in, “I’m flying in masking tape.”

• On it – When you understand the request and are actively working on it.  Use only if you have started the work.

• Jason for Collin – ‘Jason’ being your name, ‘Collin’ being the person you want to reach.

• Go for Jason – The response. “I heard you call for me, what’s up?”

• Walkie Check – When you first turn on your walkie talkie. Someone will reply with “Good Check” so you know your walkie talkies working.

• Keying – When someone is accidentally holding down the “talk” button on their walkie.  Someone will catch it and say “keying” or “someone’s keying.”

• Going off walkie – When you’re taking off your walkie talkie or can’t talk anymore..

• Standby – “I hear you, but I’m too busy to reply.”

• Standing by – “I’ve completed the task and am awaiting further instruction.”

• Strike (or 86) – When something needs to be removed; as in “Strike that prop” or “86 those C-stands from staging”.

• Kill – When something needs to be turned off; as in “Kill the fog machine.”


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