How to rent Walkie Talkies in NYC?

How to rent Walkie Talkies @ STS

Walkie Talkie Kit Rentals are the thing of the past at Street Team Studios. Here you get to rent EXACLTY what you want & need. Just send over your order and we will custom prep it to order — There are several ways to place your order – your choice/preference:
– Email us your order @
– Call us @ 917-790-3100
– Make a reservation online:


ALL of our walkie accessories are FREE, we have a default chart (see chart) -or- If you have a custom accessory order just let us know!
***Note: One accessory per walkie talkie is FREE: Surv Kit, Hand Mic, or Headset


Benefits of renting walkie talkies from Street Team Studios:

– Walkie Talkies & Extra Bricks (Batteries) are sent out fully charged
– EQ is sanitized between each order
– Multi-Day shoots get our custom multi-day charging stations (ONLY @ STS)
– Pick-Up & Return days are FREE
– Walkie rental orders are double checked/counted for accuracy, so you get what you ordered & need
– Newer fleet of Motorola CP200d Radios (Superior performance to older CP200 & Radius models) + Batteries last longer
– Save stops @ STS and add Production Supplies, Expendables, Crafty Baskets & Beverages
– No extra charges for accessories = FREE
– Competitive daily rates & discounted long-term rental rates:


How to rent Walkie Talkies @ STS
Need to rent Production Supplies & Walkie Talkies together – here is our latest order form