NYC Production Supply Vendor


Street Team Studios, is New York City’s premiere vendor of production supplies, expendables, walkies, and Wi-Fi, is conveniently located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and easily accessible to Manhattan. Find us at 502 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

This one-stop-shop has supplies for all aspects of production available for rent or purchase, including equipment for wardrobe, mobility, safety, locations, climate control, cleaning, offices, and electrical. You need it? We got it. Some of our most frequently rented production items are tables, tablecloths, chairs, directors’ chairs, tents, trash bins, extension cords, generators, wardrobe racks, hangers, HMU mirrors, full length mirrors, hand trucks, poly hampers, furniture dollies, first aid kits, heaters, fans, printers, and more. Check out the order form on our website for a full list of our production supplies and place an order for your rental today:

Looking for walkies? Look no further, Street Team Studios has Motorola CP200d Walkie Talkies available for rent. Every walkie order comes with complimentary surveillance kits, extra batteries, and chargers for no extra cost. Need Wi-Fi? STS offers two options, the Verizon 4G MiFi and the T-Mobile 5G MiFi. The Verizon option is perfect for a 1-day shoot, while the T-Mobile option is excellent for a larger or longer shoot. Two types of Wi-Fi devices are available to match the size of your team and to provide the best service possible for your production needs – reserve your walkie talkie & internet rentals here:

Get your production rentals + G&E, Camera, and Sound Expendables all in one place! Expendables are available for purchase and for pay-per-use paired with any rental order. G&E expendables, boards, bulbs, tape, rope, fabrics, camera & sound expendables, gels, scrim, diffusion, lumber, and more are all available at Street Team Studios. Some of the most frequently purchased expendables at STS are our pay-per-use Tapes and Ties Kit, Visqueen, black wrap, zip ties, zip cord, foam core, B-board, incandescent bulbs, sash rope, bleached/unbleached muslin, duvy/commando cloth, gaff tape, paper tape, bongo ties, and more.

Save money and stay prepared by renting our Gel Kit, which includes 36 of the most popular rolls. Each roll within the kit is pay-per-use at a rate of $8.00 per foot. Not interested in the gel kit? All our rolls are available for individual purchase or as pay-per-use. We stock the entire ROSCO line of products, including specialty gel rolls and silver and gold reflectors.

Need crafty? Save on craft services by purchasing our Crafty Basket, a bundle of individually packaged snacks, suitable for a variety of dietary restrictions, able to serve 10-12 crew members each. The individual packaging creates a safe and sanitary environment for your team, limiting the spread of germs and sickness through shared or open containers. Granola, chips, crackers, jerky, desserts, mints, protein bars, fruit bars, and more are included to provide your crew with a variety of foods for numerous diets and restrictions. The Crafty Basket comes with vegetarian, vegan, Keto, and nut free options so everyone on your team is taken care of with one purchase. Beverages, such as soda, water, seltzer, Red Bull, coffee, Gatorade, and more, are available for purchase to complete your crafty set-up.

Street Team Studios is NYC’s leading vendor of walkies, WIFI, production supplies, and expendables.