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How to rent Walkie Talkies @ STS
Since we launched in 2017, we have been known for our swag — want some? You can add
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Throughout the year we send out swag and exciting mailers & promotions including our annual Spring “Save The Bees” wildflower seeds mailer.


About us:

STS is New York’s one-stop-shop in Brooklyn for:
– Production Supply Rentals & Expendables
– Walkie Talkies / Radios / Motorola CP200 d
– Portable Internet Rentals – WiFi / MiFi Hotspots
– Grip & Electric Expendables
– Rosco Gels & Diffusion & Scrim
– Gel Kit Rentals & Party Gels
– Rosco V-Hazer Rentals & Hazer Fluid
– Fabrics for Film: Duvetyne, Commando, Muslin
– Electrical Supplies for Film
– Location Protection for Film Shoots
– Wardrobe Supply Rentals
– Camera Expendables & Tape
– Tape for Film
– Crafty Baskets for Craft Services
– Beverages for Film Shoots
– Safety & Climate Control Solutions
Our goal is to stock EVERYTHING you need besides the lights & camera. Save stops and avoid traffic in NYC with Street Team Studios!
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