Traffic Cone & Barricade Rental

Rent traffic cones in NYC through Street Team Studios to maintain a safe and organized environment. These cones are ideal for blocking off small areas, redirecting traffic, and crowd control. Construction cone rentals are available in three styles: 18” orange cones, 28” orange relfective cones, and 28” pink cones.



Rent a cone bar to attach to your safety cones, creating a traffic barricade. These barricades extend from 6ft to 10ft long (72” to 120”). This barricade is the perfect addition to your cone rental. Control the flow of traffic, restrict access to an area, and separate crowds from people with a traffic barricade rental.



Assure the safety and visibility of your crew working on the street with our safety vest rentals. Hi-Viz safety vests are available for rent (or purchase) at Street Team Studios in Brooklyn. These fluorescent yellow road safety vests (also available in orange for purchase) with silver reflective strips keep your team visible to people, cars, and more.


Street Team Studios is your source for cone & barricade rentals — Safe sets start with a pick-up at Street Team. See our full inventory here:


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