Looking for ROSCO lighting filters in Brooklyn? Street Team Studios has got you covered offering the full line of ROSCO gels, diffusions, reflectors, and scrims.


ROSCO color effects gels are a transparent, colored material that is placed over lighting fixtures to project color. ROSCO filters enhance any lighting set up, providing color, color correction, shape, and control. ROSCO lighting materials are easy to cut and elevate any creative set up, but these color gels are primarily used for theater, photography, event production, videography, and cinematography. Street Team Studios has gels available for purchase by the roll -or- pay-per-use by the foot in conjunction with a rental order.


ROSCO lighting gels are high temperature lighting filters, but with the addition of ROSCO Heat Shield or ROSCO Super Heat Shield, the lifespan of your gels will increase. Street Team offers both products, helping you make the most out of your purchase.


Street Team offers a variety of ROSCO products: ROSCO gel sheets, ROSCO gel rolls, ROSCO Swatchbooks, ROSCO hazers, and ROSCO camera and sound expendables.


Need a Gel Kit? The Street Team Studios Gel Kit contains 36 of the most popular ROSCO gel & diffusion rolls.  The Gel Kit is pay-per-use with a rate of $8.00 for every foot used. This kit is an affordable method of having all the most popular ROSCO filters on your film set.

Phone: 917.790.3100


Pick-Up: 502 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (M-F / 9A-5P)