Fabrics For Film Expendables

A Variety of fabrics for film and TV are available at Street Team Studios. Duvetyne, commando, and chroma key green & blue materials are available for purchase at our shop in Brooklyn, NY.


Duvetyne is a flame retardant fabric primarily used for light control. Duvey has a velvet-like nap on one side and a matte finish on the other side, creating a high opacity ideal for blocking light.


Commando cloth is a heavy weight, completely opaque, and flame retardant fabric that is commonly for blocking light.


Street Team Studios stocks a heavy weight 12oz duvetyne, and super thick 16oz duvetyne commando cloth available for purchase -or- as a pay-per-use in conjuction with your rental order. Both products are 54” wide and come on continuous rolls up to 50yds long.


Chromakey green fabric & chromakey blue fabric are made of a non-reflective cotton that creates a smooth background for chroma key photo and video work. We stock a variety of sizes:

  • Basic/Small Chroma Green Muslin 9′ x 15′
  • ChromaTyne-Green Screen 120″ wide (5 yard Pk)
  • ChromaTyne-Blue Screen 120″ wide (5 yard Pk)
  • TV Grade Chroma Green Muslin Backdrop (14x14ft)
  • TV Grade Chroma Green Muslin Backdrop (16x25ft)

In addition to the above Duvy & Muslin, Street Team Studios also stocks the following:

  • Backdrop Tension Rigging Clip
  • Chroma Green & Blue Floor Mat
  • Halo Silk – White 60″ x 15′ yards
  • SuperBounce – Black & White 60″ x 5′ yards
  • Magic CineCloth White Diffusion 60″ x 15′
  • 72″ Black Bobbinet (5yd Pack)
  • Black Ripstop 60″ (5yd Pack)
  • Camoflauge Netting 10′ x 20′

We have a HUGE selection of G&E Expendables in addition to the fabrics for production highlighted in this post – see our full inventory here